But who is behind SkipTax?
Here are some of our team members...

Raphael, Pascal Alexandre and Thierry have set themselves the challenge of revolutionising the refund sector in order to give control back to the end consumer. Indeed, the refund procedures are known to be long and tedious, many tourists do not get their VAT refunded on their purchases because of the long procedures that can last from 2 to 3 months.

Thus, the idea was to simplify and digitise all these administrative procedures, with the aim of making the refund accessible to all, in full transparency. In December 2019, after almost 2 years of intensive work in direct partnership with French customs, the young startup Skiptax became the first approved and certified digital refund service in France !

Raphael - CEO

He is the CEO of Skiptax, in charge of all Strategy, Finance and Partnership. He is a graduate of Dauphine. He has a master in financial engineering. He started his career in M&A consulting at KPMG. He then moved to entrepreneurship and the development of international startups in Europe. He has more than 10 years of entrepreneurship with an exit.

Thierry - Advisor

A successful French entrepreneur, a graduate of Centrale Paris and HEC, he has co-founded many successful companies such as Viadeo, Caramail or Lokace. With his technical experience, he supports Skiptax by bringing his expertise and his visionary experience of tech

Alexandre - CPO

Entrepreneur since he was 19, he founded an e-learning website for medical students, which quickly became a reference in the field. In 2018, he joined the Skiptax adventure, after graduating as a computer engineer, specialising in business. He brings his expertise and creativity to the team. He is in charge of Skiptax’s product strategy. He also helps in the development of partnerships and marketing communication.

Pascal - Lead Tech

Pascal is an entrepreneurial engineer and this is not his first experience in a startup! With a background in native and hybrid mobile development, he is the ideal developer to help Skitpax grow so quickly to an international audience.