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Val adid
Val adidVia AppStore
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I made all my purchases in France! I scanned the tax free form when I crossed the border and less than a week later I had the refund! I think it's great because you can put all your purchases with no minimum. I will definitely use SkipTax again on my next trip. Much better than others who only refund 12% of the vat while SkipTax refunds 16%. I highly recommend it!
Laurenvia Facebook
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A great application that avoids waiting in line at the airport. A great time saver!
Jerem13Via AppStore
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Great app! Very fast and efficient. I highly recommend it!
Elsa77HVia AppStore
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Great application! Very easy to use for all my travels in France. Higher reimbursement with a 100% mobile experience.
KalanoroVia AppStore
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Forget about global blue and other tax-free organizations and switch to tax-free 2.0, which is much more flexible for the merchant and the buyer Icing on the cake: 80% VAT refund instead of 65%, obtained 48 hours after scanning the slip.
IsabensoussanVia AppStore
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A good and so practical application for all my purchases in France without minimum. Such a fast refund and especially to avoid a lot of unnecessary paperwork.
Leameq311Via AppStore
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The best application of tax refund! Their rate is correct they refund 80% of the 20% of taxes which is great considering the rates offered by the designers. They answer in a few minutes to the chat no matter your question. The application is super intuitive and easy to use and the slip can be validated at the PABLO terminal.
Khaled Fahoum
Khaled FahoumVia GooglePlay
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Quite easy to use, this time I tried it, refunded in 24 hours, up to 80% and for several amounts below 100 euros, I do not see the interest to go through a "classic" tax refund, very good plan...
Alex I
Alex IVia GooglePlay
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Fantastic application and very easy to use! I was reimbursed within 24 hours of the tax refund. Very responsive customer service!
Sebastien M
Sebastien MVia GooglePlay
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Simple, the user experience is smooth, the refund is done within 24 hours !