Slide 1. Do your shopping anywhere 2. Take a picture of
the invoice
3. At the airport 4. Get your refund ! Make purchases anywhere
and get an invoice with VAT
With Skiptax app and
send it to us
Download your tax free-form in the app and just scan it there !
No need to wait in line !
Back home,
we'll send the money back to
your bank account

Official Agreement 2021 by the French Customs

Easy to use

Intuitive interface

Designed for all types of phones, and simplify your tax refund as much as possible!

High refund rate !

We refund 80% of the VAT !

Our refund rate is among the highest on the market! Get reimbursed even more by sponsoring your friends!

Free download

iOS and Android

We are the first tax free app in France to be approved by customs! It’s totally free and secure!

For tourists, expatriates and cross-border commuters

To be Eligible, all you have to do is live outside the European Union.

Swiss, English, expatriates… millions of people are eligible for tax relief in France!

Save on all your purchases in France

On average, VAT represents 20% of the purchase price.

By practicing the tax exemption during your stay, treat yourself, buy more and spend less!

More than 10.000 tourists already convinced

Your application is great, easy to use! I’ll share it with my friends here! Thank you !

Marie S, Expatriate in China

I live at the border to Geneva, before it was really a galley not possible to get a refund, now I make the round trip every day and I’m refunded!

Patrick D, Swiss resident

I often come shopping in Paris, this is the first time I can get my refund so easily ! Thank you for your handy and easy to use application!

Lei Y, Chinese tourist
of the VAT refunded
refunded on average
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